Dylan van Vliet

Melancholy has been my friend since I was a child. I was scared and easily overwhelmed. Growing up with a dying sister destroyed my innocence, it gave me a feeling of solitude that has never gone away. Over the years I suffered multiple depressions and at the age of 25 I got diagnosed with borderline. My art has saved me numerous times. It doesn’t matter how dark the days get, as an artist, there are so many things I want to achieve and am willing to fight for. In May 2017 I graduated Cum Laude at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam with a project in which I studied my life as a ‘borderliner’ and borderline in general.

My art comes from an intuitive and intimate place. I often describe my approach as a dance, whether it’s a person, a location or an object, I have to give as much as my subject gives me since it’s showing my deepest thoughts and emotions. I believe that this honest way of working is essential for my work to communicate to others.

I want them to feel it, relate to it.

Cause an experience.